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How To Create HDR Image

Hi friends, thank you for liking my photography work and showing interest to learn how to create HDR image. Let’s share a little knowledge about HDR images.
First, let me tell you what HDR image means. HDR image is the short form of "High Dynamic Range image". The word HDR itself sounds high quality image, isn't it? Of course it is. HDR is much better quality image than normal images. Here below you can find the difference between HDR images and normal captured images. Obviously HDR one is looking alive and more dynamic. Rich in color, more depth and good clarity than other images even though HDR (below one) is created out of those top three images itself. So let’s have a brief  discussion on how to create HDR image. 
Bracketing shooting

HDR image
Most of the photographer who do not have idea about HDR photography they must be thinking where is the option in my camera to take HDR photos, although they are having most modern DSLR camera. In fact you never find such options in your camera. Where as it is not within camera function. Even it is not necessary that you should have DSLR to creat HDR images, HDR is the process which begins after capturing snaps from your camera. 
There are two different sections of process to create HDR images.

My Photography

Hello every body, this video is a small presentation about collection of my photography. Most of the images you find in this video is HDR and panoramic images. It's been always great fun and excitement to generate HDR and panoramic images images.