About Photoshop Background

Hi all, It was during the animation study. We were done a 2D animation project called "Don't give up hope" Initially every one (class mate) was ready to work in this project and agreed to contribute their effort so we started pre production part for the project but as we started, one by one most of the members took out their hand form the project and finally two of us, me and one of my class mate left for the entire project . 
Project deadline was already fixed because it was registered for enter institute animation short film competition. So we did not have choice. We had to complete the project on time with less man power. It was great pressure on us but mean time my faculty gave us full support and we also worked day and night. Finally we completed project on time. Thanks to those who helped us to complete this project and special thanks to my faculty. Without his support we wouldn't have completed this on time.
So this photoshop work was part of that project. I have used this image as back ground for the movie. Looking at this image everyone thought this is a mate painting work but this is not any kind of patch up work. Of course I have taken lots of references and idea from many images but every single pixel was created in photoshop. Thank you all for linking my work.