3D Animation Short Film "Dream"

Well! This is my first 3D short animation film call "Dream". It’s been always great fun to work in animation. Character animation is one of the most time consuming job in 3D graphic. You really need to have great deal of patient to work on 3D character animation. I don't suggest them to come in this field who do not have patient. Many say animation is all about observation and it is very true.

About this video; I have produced this video in gray scale and lots of viewer asked me why, the reason this video in gray scale is I wanted to give main focus in animation part rather than working in other category like texturing and lighting so that I can save time for animation.
I am thank full to everyone who supported me to make this "dream" in to reality. Once again I would like to give credit to my lovely wife "Sunita Shrestha" who always supported me. At last, forgive me for the spelling. There is a little mistake in the word "continue" it should be "continued" so please kindly read it in correct way. Thank you all have a good time.