My Photography

Hello every body, this video is a small presentation about collection of my photography. Most of the images you find in this video is HDR and panoramic images. It's been always great fun and excitement to generate HDR and panoramic images images. 

Today's rapid growing digital technology is creating more and more options and flexibility in daily life. Its becoming more comfortable and easy to work in almost every field due to digital revolution. Similarly digital photography is also one of it.
Taking pictures using analogue film camera has become history, no more 35mm or large format film, no more ASA and DIN for film speed, megapixel has taken place, no more frames counting and no more months long waiting to see the result and even if you are not satisfy with it, no frustration any more go for next click and process it, crop it and edit it in your own way, all in your hand and imagination.  
Here I would like to share with you some of the name of softwares. PTGui is one of the good application for panoramic and I like Photomatix pro. for HDR image. So if you are interested just visit those links and try it and enjoy with your imagination. Good luck